ROMANVS Roman Mojzis

Portraits of  mathematicians, physicists, natural sciencists, engeneers, artists, politicians, musicians, etc.

For example:

a hand drawn portrait of Jackson Pollock, an American painter, abstract expressionist, drip painting, fractals, modern art, contemporary art, experimental, USA - see more by click Artists

a hand drawn portrait of Alfred Bernhard Nobel, a Swedish engineer, chemist, inventor and businessman, Nobel prizes, dynamite, nitroglycerin, technology, engineering, industry, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm - see more by click Technicians

a hand drawn portrait of Charles Algernon Parsons, the Anglo-Irish engineer, the inventor of a new type steam turbine, power plant, power station, generation, electric, steam, engine, engineering, industry, ship, company, Dublin, Ireland - see more by click Technicians

Zde jsou ukázky portrétů/Here are a preview illustrations of portraits

All of them are placed in the folder - The gallery.

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