Here is a photo of a steam engine with two tandem cylinders.

In the second picture is a drawing of the same steam engine. From this drawing you can see which parts are put the steam engine together.

As you can see from this drawing we can describe main components:

A   high-pressured cylinder

B   low-pressured cylinder

C and D are fillings

E   leading surfaces

F   platen

M  crankshaft

N   in - valves

O   out- valves

T   a piston of the low pressured cylinder

U   a piston rod

V   connecting rod

W  a flywheel

Here is the main component of the steam engine - the cylinder with the piston. In such component is changed heating energy of hot steam to mechanical energy of moved piston.

Here you can see the three cylinder in one case. This kind of cylinders is used for steam locomotives.

And here you can see the wheels with cranks

Due to a low efficiency of steam engines, there´re begun to product steam turbines with higher efficiency.

You can see a opened case of a steam turbine with a rotor.

The rotor is the main component of the turbine - see below

And as you can look closer at the rotor you can see the blades of the rotor.

Here you can see guide blades. Their purpose is forming the steam jet to the rotor´s blades.

And here we can see the short blades on the rotor. You can see a profile on the end of the blade. Through such profile is the blade attached to guide profile on the circuit of the rotor. The short blades are used for the high pressure of steam.

Here you can see medium blades. As you can imagine for a medium pressure of a steam. See - below.

Finally you can see long blades

In the end you can see again the case of the steam turbine with a power of 26 000 HP at the place.

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